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Send forms to your email

Submit to our API from your own frontend code. Formcast handles the rest.

Build forms the easy way

Don't sweat the small stuff. Formcast makes managing your forms a breeze.

Easy to use

Low learning curve, get up and running in no time.

No servers

We manage the servers. You focus on your product.

No databases

We securily store your data for you.

Low code solution

Submit your forms to our API in as little as one line of code.

Languages and frameworks

Keep the platform you already use. We support the most popular.

Simple API

Easy to use, easy to understand API. Accept submissions without the hassle.

View your submissions

More than one way to view form submissions.

Straight to your email

Always with you. Receive submissions directly in your email inbox.

Intuitive dashboard

Log into to view new and old submissions, manage forms and more.
easy to use dashboard

Need a working form? Create one in seconds with Formcast.